About Us

The Machin Collectors Club was formed in 1995 by Melvyn Philpott with great encouragement from Frank Goldberg. Frank regretfully passed away in January 2020 but his influence can be seen in all of the activities that the club offers to members! The club is run with the valued help of a small group of very experienced Machin collectors, which ensures we provide an excellent service to our many members. 

We rely on input from members old and new, to provide ideas for improvement and extension of the services we provide - this new web site facility being one of them.

Since it's launch we have now enrolled almost 2300 members from all continents on the planet - except one - Antarctica!  Perhaps that is one ambition we won't achieve, but we'll keep trying.

From the start we have always been keen to help others - especially new collectors to the Machin hobby, who have often been (incorrectly) told how complicated collecting Machins is. All you really need is a little patience, some spare time, professional advice from fellow collectors - and the Stoneham GB catalogue. When you really get into this fascinating hobby, you can quite easily upgrade to the more comprehensive MCC QEII Specialised Definitive Catalogue. Unlike collecting Special Issues or commemoratives, it is highly unlikely you will have nothing to do on a quiet winter - or summer - evening!

If you aren't a Machin collector already, perhaps you should give it a try. Or if you prefer collecting traditional GB then let us help you with that endeavour as well. 

Happy collecting,

Melvyn Philpott